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What we will discuss in the event?

Talk 1:

"Performance optimization in Angular app" by Suhas

Angular has its own set of anti patterns and during development we may easily use it. In this talk, we are going to explore the antipatterns and we can see how it impacts the performance of our application and also we'll see how we can overcome it.

About Suhas:

A Passionate Full Stack Web Application Developer. I like to explore new technologies and also to enhance the knowledge of other developers by writing blogs and giving Tech Talks. To know more about me, you can visit my site devsuhas.com.

Talk 2:

"Angular + Docker = Portable Angular DEV Environment" by Udhay

Setting up development environment for Angular application is not that difficult but time consuming. When you want to quickly try out a JavaScript framework (Say Angular, React etc.,) in your organization and decide on which one to go with, you may not have enough time and effort to setup Development environment.

Hosting the Angular application is again another problem in the Organization that is yet to decide on which JS framework to use. To reduce cloud cost, server admin efforts, we need a better approach to host the application and at the same time with zero expense from out of pocket.

Docker comes into rescue to solve these problems - Create docker image of your application and host it in Docker hub. Spinning the container in your local machine is suffice to run the application with no software installation and hosting as they (Node and Nginx) are bundled with in Docker image.

Interesting huh? RSVP now to watch how this can be achieved.

About Udhay:

Udhay is an Organizer at Angular RTP, Raleigh and Online meetup groups. Mentoring developers on web technologies like Angular, Javascript and CSS. He is working as Consultant and also blogging Angular tutorials at http://angularhive.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AskUdhay


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Who can attend?

Those who already using Angular in work or started learning Angular will find this event very helpful. If you are new to Angular (Haven't used it before), you are still welcome - Collaborate with the group for great learning.

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Why do I conduct this event?

I want to share my knowledge on Angular with developer community and help them with their learning. This online platform also bridges between our Developers from India with International speakers.

Event cost - FREE (always & forever)

Code of conduct:

We follow same code of conduct followed in ng conferences.