The State of Angular w/ Minko Gechev

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In this presentation, we’ll look at the current state of Angular and its tooling infrastructure. We’ll discuss what features enabled the latest version of our rendering engine Ivy and how you can take advantage of them today. Along the way, we’ll look at the work we did to ensure small bundle size and fast execution! In the second part of the talk, we’ll focus on the tooling that Angular provides to help you deliver apps quickly and efficiently.

Speaker Bio:
Minko is an engineer in the Angular team at Google. He loves to transform abstract theoretical computer science concepts into robust industrial solutions. Minko’s working on tools for static code analysis and development productivity. Before joining Google he was a co-founder and the CTO at, which in 2019 joined Coursera.

The Zoom meeting password will be emailed the day of the event to those who RSVPed.