State Management in NGXS & What's new and exciting in Angular

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Join us for our first lunchtime meetup! For this shortened online event, we'll have a full presentation and a lightning talk!

Angular Architecture with Ngxs
Ngxs is a framework that provides one of many solutions to managing state within an Angular application. Once you have decided to use this framework, you may still have more questions when building your app. How do you organize your code so that it can be maintained throughout the life of the application? How can you design components, services, and states that will be flexible as your app grows? In this talk we'll take a look at lessons learned from building a new application with Ngxs. This will cover various design patterns used, why they were used, and alternative patterns that were considered.
Presented by Devin Kelly-Collins

Few of My Favorite New Angular Things
Angular v12 is about to drop! In this lightning talk we'll cover some of the exciting features/fixes in v12 and beyond.
Presented by Alisa Duncan

12:00PM CDT - Intros
12:05PM CDT - Angular Architecture with Ngxs
12:30PM CDT - Few of My Favorite New Angular Things
12:40PM CDT - Wrap-up/Enjoy your lunch!