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Tidy up your unit tests using component test harnesses

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Alisa D. and 2 others
Tidy up your unit tests using component test harnesses


Join us for a lunch time talk about unit testing using Angular CDK's test harnesses.

Tidy Up Your Tests - Use Component Test Harnesses to Write Tests that Bring You Joy
Do your component tests feel "cluttered"? Do you wish for tests that are easier to write and maintain, and focused on testing behavior without worrying about having to always query the template to interact with components? This is possible when you tidy up your test using Angular CDK's test harnesses. In this talk, we'll cover what test harnesses are, using Angular Material component test harnesses for immediate results, and how you can extend the CDK `ComponentHarness` to create custom component test harnesses. With the magical power of testing harnesses, you'll be able to write tests that bring you joy. ✨

After the presentation, we'll have open discussion time to discuss your unit testing tips, tricks, and woes.

12:00 PM CDT (GMT-5) - Network with fellow Angular enthusiasts
12:05 - Opening remarks and introductions
12:10 - Tidy up your tests
12:30ish - Open discussion time
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