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Animal Sanctuary Outreach Booth
Volunteer at The Sanctuary (in Mojave, CA) or at the booth (The Grove/ Original Farmer's Market, 3rd & Fairfax, Los Angeles). We need extra hands on the Farm and at The Grove. Fill out the Volunteer Form and we'll be in touch! 'The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats' is a farm/domesticated animal sanctuary in Mojave, CA and they have a booth on the outside of the Original Farmers Market at 3rd & Fairfax in Los Angeles EVERY WEEK on SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS from approximately 12pm to 5pm. Look for their tent with their signage/logo. NOTE: THEY ARE USUALLY THERE ON THESE DAYS/HOURS, BUT NOT ALWAYS. IF THERE IS HEAVY RAIN IN THE FORECAST THEY MIGHT NOT SHOW UP ON THE DAY(S) IT RAINS. They have vegan chocolates, soaps, candles and more. All donations go towards the rescued animals (approximately 190 animals) at their sanctuary in Mojave, CA. If you want, you can bring some food (i.e., apples, bananas, grapes, carrots, celery, squash, potatoes, cabbage, corn on the cob) for the rescued animals at their booth, usually goat(s) and pig(s). Booth is closest to Gate 2 on this map: UPDATE: LOCATION OF BOOTH WAS CHANGED AS OF NOVEMBER 23, 2018. IT IS NOT NEAR GATE 2 ON THE MAP. I DON'T KNOW YET WHERE NEW LOCATION IS. Free 90 minute parking with validation (purchase anything from the regular food vendors in the Farmers Market, even if it's just a drink or a piece of fruit, or purchase something from the Veggie Grill at 110 S Fairfax Ave.) The parking lot(s) can get very full, especially on weekends, so try to get there as early as possible. Parking is also available in the parking structure for The Grove, adjacent to the Farmers Market (1 hour free parking without validation, or 2 hours free parking with validation from a vendor at The Grove, not the Farmers Market). ----- "The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats was founded by Carol and Julian Pearce, award winning goat cheese makers who, in 2015, decided to give it all up and go vegan. It wasn’t a decision that was made overnight. Since the day they met while saving sick calves, to their life in England where Carol was known to kidnap another farmer’s animals to save them from slaughter, to their own Southern California goat farm with a strict no kill policy, it has always been about the animals. They’ve been rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected goats, cows, horses, pigs, chickens, ducks and dogs for years, saving many from being euthanized. Now those rescued animals live side by side with former dairy goats as they all live out their happy lives. The Sanctuary at Soledad Goats is a 501(c)(3) non-profit rescue organization funded by donations from supporters like you. Read more at: ----- Facebook page: -----

Original Farmer's Market

6333 W 3rd St, (Fairfax and Third) LA CA 90036 · Los Angeles, CA