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Bitcoin not blockchain

This is not a group about getting rich from Bitcoin. Or investing in Bitcoin its more about education about what is Bitcoin, how the network operates, and from an economic standpoint why Bitcoin holds value.

The cryptocurrency space is filled with 99% scams. To understand the origins of bitcoin I went straight to the source. I have a background in cryptography, computer science, and engineering so I could understand the details of the basic white paper by Satoshi. But that was only the beginning to understand how Bitcoin evolved. After that I went through all the initial email conversations Satoshi had when introducing the concept. After the emails, I went through the message board that was created when the initial bitcoin software was released. By doing this I could see more clearly how the origins of Bitcoin led to what we see today.

For a good introduction to Bitcoin I suggest watching or reading material by Andreas Antonopoulos one of the few good reliable sources for information.

It feels quite frustrating seeing so much misinformation out there and so since I am passionate about Bitcoin I thought I would create this group.

The purpose is to educate people on how the Bitcoin system works. Also to sort out confusion about why “blockchain” has just become a marketing buzzword and is not the true innovation. Businesses don't need blockchain, they just need a database. There will be millions if not billions lost due to scams in this space while it matures. Education is the best way to help reduce the amount the scammers win. Also this is not the place to shill altcoins, or ICO's.

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