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The Ann Arbor Area RPG & D&D Group Message Board › Teen Game Campaign Notes

Teen Game Campaign Notes

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 119
The 4th Saturday in March will be at 324 Garland. See you there. Also, there are other kids who have an interest in the teen group. I would like to have the discussion about what you need to do to hold your seat in this game as I have had to turn down new kids that want to join.

Basically, if you can't make a game, please let me know ahead of time. Please make an effort to keep up your character sheet with accurate information. All of the rules are online for free. If you have any questions about the rules you can post them here or ask someone at the game and we will be happy to help.
It isn't fair and slows down the rest of the group when people come to the game unprepared. You should be the expert on your character class and what it can do. This is sort of like school. Attendance, organization and participation are important.

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 120
At the beginning of the next session I want to go over character sheets and make sure people are accounting for armor check penalties to str and dex based skills. So if your skills are filled out correctly this will go fast.

I thought of a few house rules I'd like to note here for discussion if needed.

When not in combat keeping track of rounds and minutes is cumbersome.

So, while not in combat you are all taking 10 all the time for stealth and perception to find traps, secret or concealed doors, listening at doors etc... I am going to assume that no one is making excessive noise by default.
If you want to do something specific say so and we will roll. So unless you say I walk stealthy down the hall or I listen at the door for instance, you are taking 10. This will help me determine surprise rounds easier as I won't ask you to roll unless you specify you are paying attention to something.

Unless you are in combat or in a big hurry you will be taking 20 to open locks. You will have to roll on disabling traps however since a failure could set off the trap.

When we are fighting in the current forest [heavy wooded pine forest] all squares are difficult terrain and everyone has 20% cover from anyone who is further than 10 ft. away. This represents trees that may be in the way. I don't want to draw every tree on the map. But since pine forests usually have sparse undergrowth you can take 5 ft steps.

Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 9
Sorry we had to leave early yesterday; wasn't by my choice crying

Can someone fill us in on what we missed after the spider?


Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 121
Everyone headed out to the Stairs of the Moon. As soon as you could see the tower in the distance you were told by 4 Dire Werewolves to head back and come no further. This is there sacred ground.
Diplomacy was attempted but a fight broke out. Your party killed two of them and the other two ran off.
Next session we will be at the Stairs and getting closer to the end of the story arc.
Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 122
Currently we have the following regular players in this campaign.

Raphael, Peter, Grace, Brennen, Blake, Shawn, & Alex. (Sorry if names are spelled wrong) That is seven players with one rotating seat to make the max 8 players.

Here are the guidelines for new people. RSVP and let us know you will be coming to join the kids game. The first person who does so will get the seat. If that same person comes regularly for 3 months (3 sessions) they will get a permanent seat and they can begin playing on the 4th Saturdays as well.

If more people want to come to observe that is fine but the max is eight players. We can also fit people in if someone cancels ahead of time and there is notice.

If it is your first time please send me an email so we can get your character set up. We are currently 7th level but this changes over time. If you are a temporary player email me so we can update your character sheet.

To keep your permanent seat in this game you simply have to notify me at least 1 week in advance if you will not be attending a session. Failure to do this twice will result in losing your seat.

I am setting these guidelines because there are other kids who would like to join the group and I have to turn them down.


Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 124
We are playing at my Mom's in Ypsilanti this Saturday. We left off with you killing Estovion the Wizard. You suspect that the barbarian may have been infected with the disease lycanthrophy.

The Druid knows that consuming a dose of wolfsbane within one hour of being afflicted gives a new Fortitude save to recover from lycanthropy.. The afflicted may use the healers heal skill bonus instead of his fort save.
And, a remove disease or heal spell cast by a cleric of 12th level or higher cures the affliction, provided the character receives the spell within 3 days of the infecting lycanthrope’s attack.

Finding Wolfsbane in the wild will be a DC 20 survival check with each attempt taking 1/2 hour. Wolfsbane is hard to find because it is harvested whenever it is found. (Low supply, high demand).

You have cleared the bottom level and the Pronaos. You know that there are 6 werewolves in the tower and two more at the top of the structure. They are not engaging for some reason.

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 125
We finished the Stairs of the Moon. Raphael will be updating everyone with what you get for selling all the stuff.
user 14096141
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 11
I do need to know the specifics for the hamlet we're in, to determine what we can sell and what we can't. Aside from that, a lot of the stuff we found will be useful, so if someone claims it, won't go into our money pot. People need to state whether they are interested in any of the following:

3 Bracers of Armor +2
- I can spend a few days upgrading one of these to a +3 or +4 for Enkari
Ring of Feather Falling
Scroll of Dimension Door (probably go to a Use Magic Device person, like Oelendras?)
Wand of Acid Arrow (38 charges)
+1 Light Crossbow
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Ring of Protection +1
Wand of Spider Climb (29 charges after we used it)
Scroll of Remove Disease (probably keep this one)
Cloak of Resistance +1

We also have a few potions to distribute:
Cure Moderate
Cure Serious x2
Cat's Grace
Lesser Restoration

After that, our selling amount will be much less, so don't expect much.
We also need to determine if the Barbarian gets a full share, or partial share, as he seems to spend much of his time drunk in the gutter! biggrin
Peter J.
user 12275327
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 10
The next meetup, on May 11th, happens to be my wife's birthday. I have been informed that Grace and I will not be able to make the meetup :-(

Hope everyone can get by for a week without the druid and summoner. Someone can take the wand of cure-lights from me (38 charges left).

Sorry about that... I really hope this is the last conflict for us for a while; we've been having bad scheduling luck lately.

Best Regards,

Jim C.
user 3508444
Ann Arbor, MI
Post #: 126
OK, well, I am going to cancel that one then. I have a personal reason to do so as well (I've over booked weekends lately) so that works out fine. I am going to say you will spend enough time to get to Ardis which is a large city to sell whatever you need to and also to find trainers so you can level to 8.

Large city
Qualities notorious, pious (Pharasma), rumormongering
citizens, strategic location, superstitious
Government overlord
Population 12,080 (11,800 humans; 100 dwarves, 75 elves; 55
halflings, 50 other)
Notable NPCs
Countess Solismina Venacdahlia ( female human
aristocrat 9)
Ailson Kindler (female human bard 9/Pathfinder
Chronicler 4)
Father Ossmander ( male human cleric of Pharasma 8)
Base Value 5,600 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Spellcasting 6th
Minor Items 2d4; Medium Items 1d4; Major Items 1d4

So, we meet again on the 25th at my Moms house.
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