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This event is on a Saturday July, 13th.

One DM will be Antonio. He has a new game system that he put together and is playtesting. The new game is called "Easy Street". It's set in the United States in the early-mid 1980s, centering around a crew of professional thieves trying to steal their way into lifelong financial security. The opening mission I will be hosting is called “With Friends Like These…”, which takes place in Miami, with an escape down through the Everglades to Key West. Since it a one shot, you will get a taste of how a campaign in the game would work Think a Mutant sort of style campaign. The mission will feel something like you're in an 80s action movie, with shootouts, bank robberies, and high speed pursuits on land or sea. I will have some character pregens and cheat sheets available, as well as basic move sheets.

Another DM is Paul. He will be doing a 5e game with pre-gens.

Wendi is coming back in July to run another game. She will be doing 5e D&D, and will have pre-gens.

The purpose of the 2nd Saturday Meetup is to bring together experienced players with people new to, or rejoining the RPG world. The games are short one time adventures. No experience is necessary.

If you ever have questions I am always willing to help.

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