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All about Kafka: origins, ecosystem and future directions

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How much do you know about Kafka?

Stratio and Confluent begin a new collaboration to strengthen the Kafka community in Madrid. This will be the first of a serial of meetups we aim to celebrate each 2-3 months.


- Introduction to Apache Kafka... and why it matters! By Paolo Castagna, Senior Systems Engineer at Confluent. His background is on Big Data and he has first hand experience on the shift happening in the industry from batch to Stream processing and from Big Data to fast data.

This talk will introduce Apache Kafka (including Kafka Connect, Kafka Streams APIs, and KSQL), Confluent, and explain why Apache Kafka is a great option and simplification for Stream processing in the context of two of the main driving forces and industry wide trends: Internet of Things (IoT) and Microservices.

- Kafka Use Cases on Microservices Architectures. On this talk, Óscar Gómez, Software Architect at Stratio, will show through real use cases how Kafka can help us on our event-driven Microservices Architectures.

After the presentations, there will be time to answer questions and discuss ideas while we share some pizzas and drinks!

*Meetup in English