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We open at 6 pm and talks start at 6:30 pm. All talks will be in English.

[masked]: Warm up and introductions with refreshments[masked]: Talks[masked]: Break[masked]: Brainstorm sessions to exchange experiences

SPECIAL REQUEST - please let us know in the comments which continuous integration tools do you use, or the reason why you don't use any at the moment.


1. Anton Arhipov (JetBrains) - TeamCity build pipelines

Summary: TeamCity is a great tool for Continuous Integration with a lot of advanced features provided out-of-the-box. In this session, we will learn how TeamCity helps the software development in the daily routine; what was added to the product in the latest releases; what features are coming next.

You are going to learn why build pipelines are useful, and how the CI server can optimize when properly configured. I will also show, how to configure the builds using the special Kotlin DSL provided with TeamCity.

2. Filip Sedlák (Twisto, - CI On-Premise Is Not Dead

Summary: With lots of high-quality CI services in cloud like Wercker, Travis, Circle, Github or Azure, does it still make sense to run your own CI instance? In Twisto, we're trying to take the best of both worlds. As a bonus, we've found out that our Jenkins instance can be useful to users outside of development.

3. Ladislav Prskavec (Apiary Oracle) - CIE as SaaS - why is Apiary using CircleCI 2.0

Summary: I worked with Continuous Integration Engines (CIE) for a long time. From CruiseControl, PhpUnderControl, Hudson, Jenkins I moved into SaaS CI 6 years ago. We used TravisCI, CircleCI 1.0, AppVeyor, Wercker and CircleCI 2.0. My talk will focus on CircleCI 2.0 which is a Docker-based modern CI engine that delivers maximum productivity for a reasonable price. In Apiary we developed analytics tool which help us make the most out of CircleCI. We track long running tests, flaky tests and optimize distribution across parallel nodes.

Looking forward to seeing you all!
The Apiary Team