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October 2018 update: We are preparing a new curriculum:

How to build a breakout clone game with Javascript and p5js. Here is a preview of what you will learn to create (https://github.com/madeinouweland/appdevelopmentforeveryone/blob/master/breakout.gif). Stay tuned!

About the meetup:

Have you wondered how those apps on your phone work? Would you like to program apps yourself? Do you have little or no experience? Are you living in Berlin?

This meetup teaches you the basics of programming apps for Windows, iOS and Android. We will use C# as our primary programming language and assume you have no prior programming knowledge.

What can you expect? During the first meetups you will learn about programming languages, platforms, variables, loops, datatypes, statements and expressions. Once we have the basics covered, we teach you how to bring things together to create an app or game.

Each meetup has one or more topics with programming exercises. We end a meetup with open sessions where you can show your work and ask questions.

Is it free?

Yes! Read more about why I do this for free: http://loekvandenouweland.com/appdevelopmentforeveryone.html

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