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Location - Keller Hall, Room 3-210

Note - healthcare/medical is complicated - we have a lot to go through, so we will start announcements early at ~6:40PM and get started right away.

If you're running late, just find a seat! We will be GoPro-in' this one so if you miss anything, you can catch it on our website in the videos section (

Kari Severson ( is the founder of Walkway (, the nation's first active workstation. Launching at MSP Airport in 2015, Walkway will provide free internet-connected active workstations in sedentary public locations such as airports and campuses - made possible through a sponsorship model. Kari was also the Co-Founder of 16Degrees, a startup which she began at the University of Minnesota, and has served as the Director of Corporate Strategy for United Health Group.


Lighting Talks

“Clash of Cultures: Consumer vs. Medical Technology”

Bill Betten (, Vice President of Business Solutions, Logic PD (, is responsible for business development activities associated with product definition, development, and production for the Medical Devices/Life Science business unit. Bill has led product development teams for various companies with medical product experience in pulse oximeters, physiological monitoring, hearing aids, telemedicine, perfusion systems, medical imaging, and PACS. Bill serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the Medical Design and Diagnostic Industry magazine, as well as Advisory Boards for the Pediatric Medical Device Consortium, for St. Thomas University, and for Minnesota State University, Mankato. He also provides consulting services to high tech companies, is a writer and lecturer, and holds BSPhysics, BSEE, and MSEE degrees.

Sachin Bhandardi (, BSEE/MSME from Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art is the founder of Turtle Mechatronics ( and the Micro Venture Capital Club of South Florida ( Sachin has worked on a number of computer-assisted navigation systems that have made their way to market in some form or another - from his time at NYU's minimally invasive surgery lab, to Mako Surgical (now Stryker), to most recently Cirle - where Sachin managed a cross-functional team in the hardware and software development of an image acquisition and injection system for a surgical microscope, customized for anterior segment eye surgery. The system was acquired by Bausch and Lomb in May of 2014.


Amine Issa ( is a medical researcher at the Mayo Clinic Human Integrative and Environmental Physiology Lab. The lab has a big interest in mobile health remote monitoring, and to that effect is aligning with companies at the forefront of the field - testing remote medical monitoring technology anywhere from the peaks of Mount Everest to the cockpits of F-22 fighter jets. Dr. Issa is a competitive video game enthusiast and has brought many valuable lessons from the arena of E-sports into performance physiology monitoring technology. Some of his research has shown an overlap between E-sports athletes and traditional athletes - as well as equipping him with an in-depth knowledge of video gaming culture, which directly relates to the current, "gamification," craze in healthcare.

Mark Felling ( (BSEE) is the founder of Broadened Horizons (, a company that develops alternative user interfaces, empowering those with upper extremity physical mobility limitations with tools to break down barriers and lead fulfilling lives as equals within society. Mark is a professional speaker who travels the world on wheels, seeking immersive cultural experiences. Mark will make you feel anything is possible, and that you, individually, hold the power and have the ability to change the world. Mark will focus on "Using Embedded IOT Tech to Eliminate Embedded User Interfaces" with actual functioning examples. Embedded User Interfaces are de-facto standard in almost every product we interact with on a daily basis, however Mark intends to introduce completely personalized user experiences so simple to customize a grandmother without any instruction can "program" their environment.