Hardware Swap & Team Formation For IoTHackDay


If you haven't formed or joined a team yet, this will be a chance to get together and do so.

Just like last year, we will meet in a former warehouse space at Vandalia tower, chat and hang out for a mixer, and then those who would like to pitch their idea to try to recruit team members can do so. This is a fun, supportive event where all ideas are invited.

For those who want to form teams, please sign up and fill out some quick team information at:


New This Year! From Blink to IoT Class!

This year at the hackathon, we have 10 seats available for those who would like to take an IoT class given by Eric Tsai. Purchase of a kit is included in the price of the class. Attendance is required to receive a kit. More information on that here (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/from-blink-to-iot-a-hands-on-workshop-for-making-connected-products-tickets-38132600635?ref=estw).

Pre-Sign Up for Maximum Visibility

Even if you're not 100% on how to present your idea, you may want to sign up and post a placeholder team before this event at www.iothackday.mn (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=XTL-2BADyqX-2FD82kkVyMmL1dmrzKbAgnBZ3JjNPG0pgpY-3D_cscc8gjZNE-2BBH15bOAIdXktG56L6H3ly5qmBcSlL15giYRxndUfVgr-2F-2BKVG7O6ZxhiBF0XRDKbjobsPml-2FYoTpA217-2B12XLNgv-2B9UOCM6sObC2P8DwaNe4x1LimmsUQ5orzfzOV5wbg4XVDnr6eeC0kHTi1ZKUy7cUOzQrX97iTlmo031rFK-2B5bcT0nNZk7Ey7ltkJqf2R-2FgUkMamZyhqnewfJVzqvMKOJ1UUusEkYw-3D), so that people participating in the hackathon can more easily find you if they would like to join. Think of this as your, "virtual online ID card," for your hackathon team. Post something on the hackathon before 6:00PM tonight and we'll make sure it's up there so you can point people towards that team.

Hardware Swap

This is what your old electronics and sensors will feel like if you bring them to the event:

Part of why we like to get people to form teams ahead of time (other than team random) is because it's challenging to build IoT projects because they involve multiple different types of technologies. It's hard to build something for a Raspberry Pi with sensors if you don't have the sensors on site.

The hardware swap is a chance for you to bring in some of the hardware you are thinking of building on, plus some of your old hardware and electronics that you think someone else may find useful. Bring out that dusty old Arduino, heat sensor or perhaps even that old Altair...and show it off! It's fun to give old forgotten hardware its place in the sun sometimes, and a good way to discuss and think of more ideas for the hackathon itself.