VIRTUAL COVID 19 Open-Source Community Collaboration Challenge

Public group

Needs a location


We will be hosting a virtual meeting to go over the challenge more in-depth on Friday, March 20th at 11am CST.

March 20th - Virtual Information Session (it will be recorded if you can't make it) 11 AM CST, LINK:

During this session we will review:
Current data and solutions that are available
Large project idea topics
How you can contribute in the effort to fight COVID-19

Realtime Chat! Applied AI Slack Workspace:
Join the #covid-19-data-challenge channel

If you are not on the Applied AI SlackWorkspace, you can join here:

[3 Week Build]
April 9th - Virtual Demo Projects, Discuss New Tools, Data

Please use the following link to find resources and join a challenge or share projects you have found or a building at:

We Are At War:
As you are aware the world is experience a generational event going though a global pandemic that will have numerous impacts on society as we know it. It is for this reason we would like to come together to help FIGHT COVID-19 by any means necessary.

To ALL Communities:
We believe in the ingenuity, intelligence, and brilliance of those in the community. That is why we are seeking that this community comes together to help build solutions that will help address the challenges we face not only today, but in the future.

The Challenge:
Enable the Global Community to do something against COVID-19 which means the only guideline for this “Open-Source Community Collaboration Challenge” is to build tools and applications that enable others to fight against the Coronavirus.

As a researcher identify and document:
- Reliable data sources
- Supporting publications and research
- Use Cases
- Models
- Add these to or build more .markdown documents on COVID-19 Repository

As a developer identify, document and build:
- ETL data pipelines (ex. Kafka, Python micro service)
- Scripts or tools (ex. pyCOVID)
- Dashboards (ex. Qlick, Vizlib)
- Applications (ex. Flutter, React)

A Few Examples**:
CV-19, an open source “Vulnerability Index”
pyCovid, a python package to grab case data (developed by local UofM student)

Coronavirus Visualizations, here are a collection of a few

Sample covid projects,

**This isn’t an extensive list but a few ideas to spark an idea. It could be as simple as providing clean data, researching data, or deriving new data for others to use.