IoT Hack Day 2020!

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We regret to inform everyone that our previously scheduled IoT Hackday Project Track has been canceled. We will however continue as planned with the Learning Track. Please join the Zoom meeting on Oct 24th at 10:30 to participate in a 2-series workshop hands-on workshop.

-- Learning Track --
This track is for those who are new to hacking, or don’t have a project or are not in a team.

Project Description:
Because of COVID-19, it is not hard to imagine that some people will prefer wearing masks for the foreseeable future to protect themselves and others. Additionally, local governments are mandating mask wearing to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In a 2-series workshop, we will explore TensorFlow and how it can be used to detect whether one is wearing a face mask.
--1st Workshop--
We will set up TensorFlow and use a pre-trained model for image classification.
--2nd Workshop--
We will train our model to detect whether a person is wearing a face mask.
The instructor is Chris Black. Learn more about Chris at

For this exercise, you need the following tools:
* A laptop with a webcam
* A face mask that covers your nose and mouth

--Today - Sat, Oct 24th--
--Project Track--

*Submit your project at See examples of 2019 IoT Hack Day project submissions at

*Refine your project and form/recruit your team. Or request to join a team.

--Learning Track--
*Sign-up for the Learning Track here
*Take several masked & maskless photos for the pre-trained model. We will share a link to submit photos that the instructor will use to pre-train the model.

Check back for more details about prizes and team formation.