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Welcome, AppliedAI community! This month, we are thrilled to have a few founders of local startups that are using and leveraging Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning for their business. It will be a panel discussion with Justin Grammens, on the team at two local AI startups ( and ) and will be moderating the discussion. Please post questions that you would like to have covered in the comments section below. Also, if YOU are running a local startup that is using AI/ML, I welcome you to reach out to me ( [masked] ) to inquire about joining this or future panels.

Now, on to our awesome panelists!

Marliana Love - Founder, PipeDream Academy

Marlaina is an experienced Software Implementation and Project Management Consultant with a strong ability to identify and solve ambiguous problems, as well as manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously. Adept at operating efficiently in complex, fast-paced corporate environments while driving the development and execution of global-scale initiatives with cross-functional teams.

Pipe Dream Academy is an eLearning platform empowering learners to explore affordable, alternative pathways to a more fulfilling and meaningful career. We leverage artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide learners a personalized and guided experience as they navigate their career paths based on their strengths and interests.

Eri O'Diah - Founder SIID Technologies

Eri is a seasoned strategist and has been applying experience as a creative at the intersection of Black, immigrant, millennial, woman to deconstruct biased systems and advocate for equitable social outcomes. A leading priority of my work currently, is the study of unconscious bias and how deep learning and emerging technologies can be used to better understand and accelerate the deconstruction of cognitive bias and reduce the impact on marginalized groups.

SIID Technologies applies big data and emerging technologies to evaluate, uncover, and correct the influence of unconscious human biases on decision-making and communication.

Mike Hugo - CTO & Co-Founder at Vyasa Analytics

Mike has experience in many different industries including Life Sciences, Retail, Health Care, Insurance, Commercial Real Estate, Medical Devices, and Finance in companies both large and small. His work history includes all elements of the software development lifecycle including defining high-level requirements, coding, automating build and deployment, testing, and leading/mentoring a team of developers

Vyasa Analytics provides highly-scalable deep learning software and analytics. We enable organizations to ask complex questions across large-scale integrated biomedical data sets, thereby gaining critical insights to make better decisions.