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What AI Technologists Need to Know About Everyone Else

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What AI Technologists Need to Know About Everyone Else


In the midst of implementing the latest AI technology, it can be easy to miss how lay people react to this. Spoiler alert: Confusion and anxiety. How do you curate their experience while you're heading full-tilt toward this brave new AI future?

Join our speaker Peter Scott, as we explore some of the many things technologies need to consider as they implement Artificial Intelligence.

Peter is the author of "Crisis of Control: How Artificial SuperIntelligences May Destroy or Save the Human Race" (Nitrosyncretic Press, 2017) about the existential risk that humanity faces from exponentially advancing technology. He is a certified coach (International Coaching Federation) and focuses on coaching organizations and individuals to prepare for radical change.

He also has many years of IT expertise in enterprise architecture, business solution consulting, system engineering, and systems analysis, and has written several instructional books and videos.

You can find more about Peter at:

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