Internet of Things (IoT) Business Applications Discussion

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The AppsJack Business Conversation this month is about Business Applications of The Internet of Things.

1st Annual AppsJack Technology Management Meetup: Business Applications of the Internet of Things

The event will feature food and drink, local experts, and three distinguished IoT panelists to share their wisdom and field your questions.

MARCO MICHELETTI (LinkedIn ( - Marco is a successful product development and manufacturing leader who has launched to market some of the biggest and most notable consumer products to ever come out of the Northwest. He has a unique skillset in having led highly technical engineering and product development teams from concept to consumer and beyond. He also has deep supply chain, sourcing, and manufacturing experience finding and working with global partners in a wide variety of product and service categories. Some of his interesting projects and challenges have included developing an airbag inflation system successfully deployed on Mars, managing global supply chains and manufacturing operations producing roughly 40 million of Xbox and Xbox360 game consoles, leading the engineering development team that produced the FuelBand, scaling the manufacturing operations of the SNUPI Technologies WallyHome, and assisting in the installation and bring-up of a highly automated domestic assembly facility for a consumer device. As a founder of Pike Product Services, Marco continues to follow his passion for working with partners who develop enabling technologies, engineering them into next generation products, and finding novel ways of efficient production. GARTH VANDER HOUWEN (LinkedIn ( – Garth is a senior software engineer with Revenue Management Systems in Seattle and outside of work, dabbles in DIY electronics: microcontrollers (arduino, NodeMCU), single board computers (raspberry pi), 3D printing and scanning. Garth is interested in Open Source Hardware and Low Volume manufacturing for rapid prototyping and customization of electronics and enclosures. HSUAN-HUA CHANG (LinkedIn ( – Hsuan-hua is a technology and business strategist who is passionate about leveraging technology and developing leaders to make the world a better place. She has over 20 years of experience in wireless technology, having held corporate positions ranging from software engineer/developer, technical architect/product manager to product marketing manager. Currently she is serving AT&T as a consulting Program Manager for consumer mobile apps. After discovering writing as a platform for sharing her knowledge, she published the book "Everyday NFC: Near Field Communication Explained" to raise awareness of that technology's potential in an accessible way. Two editions were released through Amazon in both Kindle and printed format.
These are fun, local events that are free, educational and informative. They are great ways to meet experts, build your knowledge and insight into cutting edge business issues. These events are part of an ongoing series of business meetups ( put on by AppsJack Corporation to improve the Seattle business community. If you would like to be a speaker, panelist, planner, host, sponsor, etc. or for more information, please contact us.

Hope to see you there!

At a high level, this is about Technology Management for businesses. It is one of 12 business capabilities that AppsJack helps businesses develop. At the event, you can gain new insight, learn new things, meet interesting people and peers and contribute to the dialog about this important topic.

Some possible topics that may be covered at the event include:

Hyperlocal QR codes and bluetooth beacons Sensor tech Consumer applications Driverless cars inKlood, Pebblebee and Facebook Beacons (bluetooth beacons) "Measured self", FitBit, etc. Filming (Feral Motion, Drones that follow snowboarders) Home applications Nest Home automation, Bill Gates house Industrial applications Farming Herd management ( ( Other farming applications Robotic tractors