Causality Part 2: What Drives Humans?

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We are lead in a discussion of human motivation in the context of innovation and uncertainty.

We'll discuss what is coming for robotics, automation and futurism. And you'll love it.

About the Meetup and 2018 Season

This event is part of a 12-part educational and inspiring series open to the public on causality in business:

Meetup 1 (Nov): Drivers, a Tech Perspective with David Slight

Meetup 2 (Dec): Drivers, a Human Perspective Meetup 3 (Jan): Outcomes, a Tech Perspective Meetup 4 (Feb): Outcomes, a Human Perspective Meetup 5 (Mar): Benefits, a Tech Perspective Meetup 6 (Apr): Benefits, a Human Perspective Meetup 7 (May): Changes, a Tech Perspective Meetup 8 (Jun): Changes, a Human Perspective Meetup 9 (Jul): Capabilities, a Tech Perspective Meetup 10 (Aug): Capabilities, a Human Perspective Meetup 11 (Sep): Enablers, a Tech Perspective Meetup 12 (Oct): Enablers, a Human Perspective Each meetup is followed by a podcast recording. There are typically three open guest seats for the podcast. Contact Eric Veal for more information.

Attendees have fun and share ideas and perspectives over food and drink in a casual environment.

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