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Peaceful Rally to Educate Patrons about Ringling Circus Animal Abuse

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Join APRL and PETA for a peaceful rally and leafleting campaign to educate the public about the abuses inherent in the Ringling Brothers circus. Ringling has been videotaped beating elephants ( and has been repeatedly cited by the USDA for animal welfare violations. Meet on the East side of the Honda Center building. Please note the special expressive activity guidelines below that apply to this event:

Ringling Bros. Circus Free Speech Guidelines

Thank you for joining this protest against Feld Entertainment and the Ringling Bros. Circus in Anaheim. APRL has secured access rights for activists protesting this event that are better than in previous years. We hope to keep these rights in the future. Accordingly, we are grateful for your following a few basic guidelines to ensure that all activists engage only in behavior that is constitutionally protected as free speech.

· Bring Compassion. We’re here to educate, not alienate. Those who have not yet learned about Ringling’s animal abuse are not evil, nor are they bad parents. They are just uninformed. Please don’t let your anger at Ringling become anger at those who don’t yet know any better.

· Don’t Interfere. Don’t interfere with the operations of the circus or the Honda Center. The following may be “interference”:

• Chanting, yelling or using amplified sound so close to a vendor, ticket agent, or security guard that the person has a hard time doing his or her job. If you would like to chant, yell or use amplified sound, please do so at sufficient distance from the building that you will not interfere with any business operations.

• Obstructing patron traffic or blocking a doorway or gate.

• Entering a building, or a ticket-only area, to leaflet or picket.

· Don’t Harass or Incite. Don’t harass people, and don’t use words likely to incite them to violence, like profanity, insults or threats. If someone is not interested in your message, does not want a leaflet, or disagrees, please do not engage further. E.g., it may be incitement or harassment to call people “bad parents” for patronizing the circus. A great way to respond to rude remarks is to say, “Have a great day.”

· Don’t Approach Those in Line. If someone is standing in line to buy or pick up tickets, they are a “captive audience.” Please do not approach these persons, leaflet them, or speak to them.

Thank you for participating and observing these guidelines. If you have questions or would like to join us again, you can reach APRL at (714) 584-4321 or visit our website at