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Ringling Brothers Circus Protest at Ontario Business Bank Arena

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Join APRL and other groups in protesting The Ringling Brothers Circus at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Wednesday, August 10 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.

Most people go to the circus because they love animals; they don't realize going to the circus is supporting animal cruelty. Circus animals are forced to endure horrendous abuse during training to make them perform silly acts to amuse the public. They are frequently deprived of food and water to induce them to perform and to prevent untimely defecation while they are in public view. They are not allowed to socialize with their own species and spend most of their lives in small, dirty cages, released only when it is time to perform. Many circus animals are leased seasonably from dealers, and go from one circus to another, which provides little incentive for circus owners to keep them healthy. They suffer from inadequate care, as they are often "cared for" by temporary circus workers who have little or no experience, and are not qualified to care for these magnificent animals.

If you're interested in carpooling, please indicate that when you RSVP. Thanks for supporting the animals.

**Please refrain from wearing leather, fur, wool, silk or any article of clothing/accessories derived from animals. (The public will often try to engage us in a conversation about what we're wearing. Let's not give them a chance to divert us from our message.)


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