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What we’re about


My name is Jen I'm the owner of a new business in Pasadena called Archetype Yoga. Located in the heart of the Pasadena's theater district we offer Katonah Yoga classes, yoga retreats, private lessons.

We are starting this Meetup because we offer lots of fun events in addition to yoga classes. This meet up is for people looking for a fun and inclusive yoga community. Archetype Yoga offers monthly events, workshops, and trainings.

The type of yoga we do is called Katonah, it's a new style that hails from New York.

In Katonah Yoga we focus on "the why" behind the pose. Instead of struggling to get into a pose students are taught the technique of the pose. This new type of thought based yoga is great for people of all ages and stages in their yoga journey.

Top 10 Reasons
What makes us different from everyone else?

* Archetype Yoga located in Pasadena Ca, offers Katonah Yoga

* Katonah Theory is the New Black - Katonah is a theory founded by
Nevin Michaan. It is a yoga technique that is slowly creeping into mainstream yoga communities.

* Our style of Yoga is like Music - It’s blends metaphor, anatomy, taomism, Hatha, Pranayama, and Body Mapping.

To quote Nevin Michaan –  "There are lots of different types of music – but all music is playing with the same notes, the same chords; so how are you going to time it, how are you going to put it all together? ”

* Katonah teachers are like Jedi Masters of Yoga - All Katonah yoga teachers have to get a 200hr Katonah certification in addition to their 200 hour yoga teacher training certification.

* We create Magic on the Mat -  With our custom designed Jade Mats. To help bring an element of visual magic to our student’s practice.

* We talk A LOT -  In a flow class the instructor will incorporate “the why” and “how” into the sequencing. Informing students in a learn as you go workshop style setting.

* We teach Body Scaffolding technique - Students are taught how to set themselves up in poses for success. Using more props such as: blocks, blankets, straps, chairs, and sandbags, then an average class.

* We are masters of adjustments - Our teachers specialize in giving students adjustments to aid their practice.

* We offer lots of teachings and workshops in Katonah Yoga.

Bonus answers: On why were the best

  1. We are located in the historic playhouse district in Pasadena, CA.
  2. We partner with local businesses to create unique experiences. Yoga in the Playhouse Village Park, Yoga with the Playhouse Village.
  3. We are nominated for best yoga studio in Pasadena, Ca
  4. We are a woman owned independent brand.
  5. We have access to a deep network of Katonah based studios from New York.
  6. We have relationships with small businesses in the area such as: Dash Coffee, Anytime Fitness, and Bansup Refill station.