What we're about

The purpose of our group is to create a large group of friends that have ATV, Rhinos, Rangers, Dirt Bikes, Jeeps and other types of 4x4 vehicles that love to go camping and exploring new dirt roads in Arizona.

Many join our group after moving here from another state. If you would like to start building a new group of friends like the ones you left at home, this group is a great place to start. It's free to join, so sign up today and start making new friends that love to camp.

The majority of our members range in age from 30-45, including singles, married couples & divorced parents with kids.

Take a quick look at our events calendar. Hopefully, you'll find a long list of activities that sound like fun!

Joining this group means you agree with all the Rules of Membership.

I spend 30-40 hours week researching, planning, organizing and answering questions about trips. Its costs money for the website, cell phone minutes and paying for reservations up front. The $25 membership fee is a minimal expense compared to the cool stuff you will see on our trips!

To pay the annual membership fee, just click on the "How to pay: Pay online" under the "Membership Fee: $25" at the top of the page.

When you pay for an event, there are no refunds. I pay for all these events upfront. If you don't go, I still have to pay.

Please remember that I manage this group as a volunteer. Please don't complain if everything is not perfect. I quickly delete people who whine, cause drama or incite any type of trouble.

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