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What we’re about

Do you ever feel that life is a Strange Interlude? Do these troubled times feel like Days Without End? Would you like to look Beyond the Horizon and deep into human nature to gain real self-knowledge and understanding, while having fun at the same time? If so, this group is for you! Anyone who appreciates great theater or is curious about what truly motivates us, is welcome. We will read and discuss the works of Eugene O'Neill, the only Nobel-winning American playwright, in the spirit of authentic self-discovery. O'Neill's plays cover every facet of human nature; if you've felt it, he's written about it.  His works explore the dark underbelly of human nature in a very entertaining manner, but at the same time offer a way out through self-understanding.  No dogma or politics in this group; just stimulating conversation with like-minded people. Individuality and free thought are encouraged, as is just plain fun. Take a break from everyday life and go deep. You don't want to miss this!