• Discussion: Who Needs Universal Basic Income?
    * * Feel free to bring food or drinks to share! * * Universal Basic Income or UBI is a program that provides regular sums of money to all citizens (or all adult citizens) of a country, regardless of financial situation. It is similar to welfare, however welfare is given only to citizens who meet certain conditions, whereas UBI is universal. Propopents of UBI say that it will stimulate the economy, reduce the complexity and cost of welfare programs, improve health, employment prospects and workers' rights, and that some form of UBI will be essential in the future as automation continues to take jobs from human workers. Detractors say that UBI is too expensive, will encourage laziness and that current welfare systems are adequate. Do you think UBI would help or hinder our society? Join us in this beautiful studio sponsored by Tristan Lauber for fun, friendly and substantive discussion about the important topics of the day. * * * * * * * * * * Latecomers are welcome but we start promptly at 6:05pm so if you arrive late, you will miss out!

    Tristan Lauber Studio

    4848A ave. du Parc · Montreal, qc

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