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Ready for some cool events, meetups to do art gallery walks or have brunch with other interesting people? Then join ART events by The Next in ART™ which is truly the group for ART Lovers and you will also be able to suggest interesting things to do to get to know fellow art lovers...

The Next in ART™ is a brand and concept of it's own, owned and directed on a personal basis by an artist and an art historian in collaboration. It's aim is to share our passion for art with others at a volunteer basis, share our time to make and create art related events, and to be able to bring new art related events to the city where we live at any given time. At the moment one of us lives in Oslo and the other in London. We have upcoming activities on the agenda, like future exhibitions, salons and soirées further down the line. We have spread knowledge about art related subjects on a voluntarily basis to hopefully get more people engaged in art in the first place and more miscellaneous activities. And there's this meetup events group as part of it all, with the aim described above, to arrange everything from gallery walks to brunches or other art related events. Some of these will be open to unlimited number and some limited to a certain number of participants due to the given location and/or activity. Most activities will be free of fee, but some will demand a small contribution due to the actual costs connected to running the whole thing and paying out of our own pockets to do so out of passion for art. The brand and concept with all it's existing and planned activities has been in a 'sleep mode' for a little while, but will soon be revived again with new and exiting activities...

Also... We have large number of requests on membership and don't want the group to grow faster than what is reasonable due to the activities we plan, therefor we ask people who request to be a bit a patient regarding being let in. If you have not been let in and it's long time since you requested, it can also be because there are too little information (name, picture etc.) on your profile which makes us question whether this is a valid profile belonging to a real person living in the city were we arrange activities and so on. So please make sure you give enough information on your profile on request for membership in this group. Thanks X

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