Reception and Evening With the Artists at Watergate Gallery


Watergate is one of my favorite galleries, nestled in the lower level of the famous Watergate apartments across from the Kennedy Center. Join us to meet and talk with the artists.

For the months of December and January Watergate Gallery has chosen to exhibit art by artists who have been associated with the gallery for years. They are offering a variety of artwork of exceptional creativity and skill. The show will include 11 artists representing a wide spectrum of style, size and price along with a selection of Haitian paintings and Indian pots.

Artists include Louisa Dugan, Doug Dupin, Dennis Kirk, Lauri Menditto, Antonia Ramis Miguel, Wendy Plotkin-Mates, David Rothermel, EJ Montgomery, Elizabeth Narrow, Edwin Nourse and Helen Zughaib.

goes 6- 7:30.