What we're about

Purpose of this group:
This group is for parents who are interested in teaching their kids about Artificial Intelligence and related topics in Math, Programming, Robotics, etc. We will have events that show kids (any age from elementary, middle school to high school) about what Artificial Intelligence is, how to build smart applications and programs, and how to use AI to benefit their community.

Who should join?
Bay area parents who are interested in teaching their kids artificial intelligence and participating in group STEM activities

What will you do at your events?
We will do projects using artificial intelligence that students can build, present and showcase to their peers.

Past events (25)

How to Teach AI to K-12: Teacher PD Session

This event has passed

AI Student Research Symposium 2022!

Needs a location

Navigating Mars - Build an AI for The Mars Rover

This event has passed

Build an AI-powered website!

This event has passed

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