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What we’re about

"You couldn't find a more sure-footed or inspiring guide than Kelly Morgan."  — Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist's Way

About Kelly Morgan 

Journalist, Poet, Performance Artist, and Teacher.

For twenty-nine years, she's mentored thousands of artists, writers, and others in Hollywood in riding the wave of the Universe to their highest creative expression. 

“Kelly helped me to get out of my head and live freer.” Michelle West, a Los Angeles Lawyer 

“Kelly helped me to discover how valuable it can be to wander, to get lost, to take yourself by surprise.” Tom Fields-Meyer, Author of Following Ezra. (National Book Award Finalist).

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In Kelly Morgan's The Artist's Way Workshop (based on Julia Cameron's international best-seller) you will: 

* dramatically increase your productivity, confidence and creativity.

* break through self-criticism, fears, perfectionism, jealousy, and other creative blocks.

* connect you to your intuition, the creative energies of the Universe (FLOW).

* transform your creative life by small-stepping you out of your comfort zone so magic can happen.

* support yourself in letting go of fear-based judgments.

* feel inspired to express yourself with authenticity. 

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