Game Design: Audio and AI

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Confirmed date for presentations on AI in game design / procedural audio.

Presentations by Dave McKee, Brendan Mulcahy + Ricky Graham.

Topics include: Unity, AI, Audio, Music.

Dave McKee will talk about the current state of interactive music and sound in games as well as giving a basic demonstration of what you can achieve in Unity. Dave will also demonstrate an interactive audio project he's been working on using Unity and Wwise.

Brendan Mulcahy is working on a new style of computer game where machine learning is at the core of the player experience. Teammates learn to play in different situations largely determined by initial user input. Brendan will give a brief overview of machine learning techniques and how they might be used in game development.

Ricky Graham will present how a simple RNN can be used to learn music production choices, specifically concerning sound design, and have those choices be applied to future projects.