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We believe art is a reflection of life and that by engaging with cinematic art, we are able to learn more about what movies are specifically telling us about the human condition. Our mission is to share our love for cinema with others, and also educate and inspire one another to look beneath the surface of a movie in ways we might not have done otherwise on our own.

>Meetups & Programming:

We are a very diverse group of people, ranging from the casual moviegoer to the passionate cinephile - and anybody in between is welcomed. We get together on the third Saturday evening of each month (with occasional exceptions) at a private location to socialize over snacks/drinks (for about 30-45 minutes), watch a movie, then discuss it afterwards. Plot, theme, character development, screenwriting, and cinematography are just some of the elements used as starting points for a round table discussion, during which everybody has an equal opportunity to contribute, but not everybody is required to do so, and nobody is put on the spot against their wishes.

New event announcements are officially posted on or near the 1st of each month. Depending on the movie, our events may fill up quickly, so be sure your group notifications are properly set, and your email is not filtering Meetup messages to your Spam folder.

In programming our screenings, member suggestions (especially those from regular attendees) are taken into consideration as much as possible, alongside organizers' ideas. We aim to screen movies that could easily spark an interesting discussion, but are also varied - ranging anywhere from well-known Hollywood blockbusters to overlooked indie art house films. No genre is untouched and we do not shy away from challenging or difficult subject matter. Some of the movies we have previously watched in this group include:

"Holiday" (1938), George Cukor
"La belle et la bête" ("Beauty and the Beast") (1946), Jean Cocteau
"Paths of Glory" (1957), Stanley Kubrick
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (1966), Mike Nichols
"Cabaret" (1972), Bob Fosse
"Amadeus" (1984), Milos Forman
"Dogfight" (1991), Nancy Savoca
"À la folie... pas du tout" ("He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not") (2002), Laetitia Colombani
"Young Adult" (2011), Jason Reitman
"Detroit" (2017), Kathryn Bigelow

If you enjoy watching movies that make you think, feel, and reflect, then you're in the right place. If you hate it when people talk or use their cell phones during a movie, but can't stop talking, Googling, and IMDbing when it's over, then you should be a part of our group.


Attendees are asked to bring snacks and/or drinks (including water and ice, if desired) to share with others. Additionally, donations of paper/plastic tableware, utensils, and napkins are also gladly accepted, but not required.

Most importantly - all members should note that this group is solely made possible through a combination of a generous hosting venue and attendee donations. With that, attendees are strongly encouraged to bring a minimum $5 cash donation with them to our events. These donations are collected and used only for the following expenditures, and in this order:

• Paying for the cost of running a Meetup site page ($14.99/mo.)
• Purchasing paper/plastic tableware, utensils, napkins, cleaning supplies, and any other materials/tools necessary to maintain a clean, tidy, and safe location
• Saving and reserving a reasonable amount to quickly address equipment/technology issues or accidental damage to location property
• If enough funds are left over near the end of each calendar year - treating attendees to a catered/delivered dinner or other type of special event/screening

No additional funds will be saved or spent beyond these expenditures for any reason, as this Meetup is in no way a business or other for-profit venture. A detailed and accurate financial tracking spreadsheet is consistently maintained by this group's organizers, and can be made available to any member upon request.

>RSVP Policy:

In order to sustain a meaningful discussion within a reasonable time frame, our events have an RSVP limit of 25 people. Members are expected to be mindful and respectful to one another and always keep their RSVP status up to date - including on the day of and in the hours leading up to the event - and regardless of the event's or waiting list's capacity. Attendance is always tracked and marked on the site, and three "Yes" RSVP no-shows within one year will result in removal from the group. Members will receive an email reminder about this policy after their second no-show. Exceptional circumstances will be fairly taken into consideration before any "no-show" removal decision is made.

>Site Profile & Email Policy:

Members who join this group must have a Meetup profile displaying a real first name (or a consistently used, sensible nickname/pseudonym) and a valid email address. Unidentified members/spammers with nonsensical usernames and unreachable email addresses will be automatically removed and banned from the group and its mailing list.

>Page Activity Policy:

With some exceptions, members who are marked as inactive for over one year on this group's page will be automatically removed from the group. This is not a banning or blocking procedure by any means, and should not be taken offensively. It is simply good "housekeeping" for the group and its mailing list. If you are still interested in this group after removal for inactivity, please feel free to rejoin at any time.

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