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....New Comedy GAME NIGHT + Post Movie BIRTHDAY Drinks....
Good Afternoon Friends. 50 SHADES Event was a huge huge hit. Surprisingly over 400 people. People loved our Celebrity Bellydancer CAROLINA. I am super excited about MARCH 4 OSCARS PARTY - we have received 97 RSVPs so far. Here is the link for RSVP - ~ Anyhow... a) This new comedy "GAME NIGHT" looks hilarious - b) I love comedies c) I turn another year younger on Feb 25 Sunday! Yes MOI Birthday is This Sunday ~ :) So the plan is to MEETUP on Saturday, Feb 24. Watch the 9pm "GAME NIGHT" show... (Screen 12) And then head across to "McGinty's Public House" upstairs... for drinks. (Address: 911 Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20910) So you can join us for both "Movie and Drinks". Or just join later for drinks. Come alone or bring a friend(s). Bring your good wishes and smiles :) For more about the movie - check - I am certain it will be loadsa fun. Regards - Manan' ====================================================================================================================================================

Regal Majestic Stadium 20 & IMAX

900 Ellsworth Drive · Silver Spring, MD