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Truth Heals. This is the core belief that drives our vision & mission.

You are infinitely so much more in VALUE & WORTH than what your thoughts or reality says about you.

ASCEND HIGER's love-mission is to give you the knowledge and tools that will guide you into the truth, which is where your emotional wellbeing & freedom lies. It is our joy to offer a compassionate, uplifting, healing and supportive space for you to thrive in as your highest & most authentic self.

And it is our vision that every member of this meetup will be able to answer this one question "Who do I know that I am?" , and answer it fully & confidently from the TRUTH that already lies within the Soul.

This meetup is free & sponsored by ASCEND HIGHER, an emotional wellbeing support community created to offer a space of support, pure acceptance, & compassion along with wellbeing guidance, self-care teachings & tools.

ASCEND HIGHER's free podcasts, seminars, webinars & workshops offer new models of thinking higher about your purpose, your past, your path, your patterns, your desires and wellbeing beyond the biases of religion or morality.

This meetup was founded by Harry Ogbogu (Wellbeing Teacher/Author) to be a diverse community of people with a passion for learning and practicing how to live in the highest state of unconditional wellbeing.

Join this growing movement and begin the journey into your bliss that you know you deserve!

For more visit us at https://www.iascend.me (https://www.iascend.me/)

For more about Harry visit https://www.harryogbogu.com/

Upcoming events (5+)

A Healing, Self-Care & Wellbeing Masterclass (TRANSCENDENCE)

Join Harry Ogbogu & others at TRANSCENDENCE, a free weekly heart-healing masterclass that aims to lovingly guide you into your TRUTH, so that you can answer this one question, "Who do I know that I really am?". The answer to this one question is where your prosperity & freedom lies. Many of us live with broken hearts because of abandonment, rejection, shame, guilt, helplessness, unloving & unkind life experiences or plain ignorance about who we really are. It is our mission to address the healing of your HEART with new life-affirming teachings, presented via a new model of thinking about your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your path, your relationship others, your relationship with your past, your relationship with your patterns & your relationship with your purpose. This class is designed to help you; - Heal your HEART as you grow in your TRUTH - Live an Authentic & Prosperous Life - Unlearn Soul-Unworthy Patterns No questions about life are off-limits during the Q&A part of the class. Due to Limited seating, pls RSVP to get a spot Light Refreshments will be served For more information visit https://www.iascend.me/

Heal the Mind - A Meditation & Affirmation Healing Session



"Prayer is when you talk to God, Meditation is when you get to listen to God Affirmation is when you get to agree with God" V.I.B.E means Vibration, Intention, Breathing & Energy Transformation. This Healing Meditation & Affirmation session that aims to focus and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing. The focus of this class is to awaken the body and mind to the peace-giving TRUTH that lies within you through prayerful, meditative & truth affirming techniques that will profoundly deepen your connection to your heart-space (your creative solution center) and to the calm-fierceness of your SOUL (your life-giving force). At your core, your essence is fundamentally energy and energy is always moving & vibrating and it can always be transformed. You will learn how to move and transform undesired thoughts & energy via deeply sourced affirmations that are designed to assist your spiritual awakening and increase the frequency of your vibration to match the limitless wealth that lies within you. Love is the highest vibration, therefore a deeper sense of self-love is the intention of this session. Give yourself the gift of your own full & powerful presence by reserving a spot today

Meditation, Death & the Afterlife Journey of the Soul (with Andrew Vidich PhD)

An exploration into the nature of the afterlife journey with Andrew Vidich, PhD Science of Spirituality Presents A Free Lecture During this lecture we will explore the many-faceted faces of death and the afterlife journey of the soul viewed through the lens of several religious and spiritual traditions. Who are we, where do we go and what is the nature of the soul’s existence after death will form the basis of our inquiry. No matter who we are, each of us will have to face the moment of death. By understanding life itself, what dies and what lies beyond this physical existence, each of us can learn more fully how to live now. Death may be the single greatest teacher we all encounter in our lives. Join us for an interactive afternoon lecture and discussion followed by a demonstration of how each of us can begin our own inner journey into the afterlife NOW through meditation. Andrew Vidich, PhD, is an award-winning author, an educator and international speaker in the fields of meditation, healing, mysticism, and leadership. His books include Love Is a Secret and Light Upon Light: 5 Master Paths to Awakening the Mindful Self. Andrew has been an adjunct assistant professor of religion at Manhattan College and Iona College in New Rochelle, New York. His latest book, Let There Be Light: Experiencing Light Across the World’s Sacred Traditions, was recently released. Andrew’s consulting firm, Leadership Training Programs, trains people in effective communication, mindfulness, conflict management, and leadership development.

A Heart-Healing Webinar (SOUL TALKS)

Online Webinar

Log on & get clarity with SOUL TALKS and begin the journey to getting CLARITY about who you are and who you desire to become eventually. Finding your happiness, freedom, fulfillment & satisfaction begins with understanding the truth about your self worth & true value. An intimate relationship with your SOUL (which is the source of your TRUTH & POWER) will give you new, higher & insightful perspectives that are more in alignment with your innate truth. Harry Ogbogu's teachings and this webinar's clear intent is to support you by giving you a deeper & more loving understanding of who you really are beyond the pain, the hurt and the conditions that have created all kinds of suffering in your life. Join the online video conference, and get the answers you deserve about your healing and path in life every Thursday at 7:30pm CST. Log on here https://bluejeans.com/181863144 . . (Pls note that If you are connecting via a mobile device, you will be asked to download the FREE BlueJeans conferencing app. No Sign-Up is required. Simply select the option "JOIN THE APP" and it will automatically do the rest!) *** For more Information about us, please visit us at http://www.iascend.me

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A Heart-Healing Webinar (SOUL TALKS)

Online Webinar

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