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This group is for all residents of North Carolina, regardless of what city you are in! This group is for all asexual-spectrum, aromantic-spectrum and questioning people to come together to build community, celebrate, make friends, and talk about issues within the asexual and aromantic communities. This group hosts a virtual discussion group on the 2nd Monday of every month at 7:00pm EST. If you desire to host any meetups or events for this group in your local area of NC, please contact the organizer and he will post it for you.
***This group is for 18+ ages only***

This group also has a Discord Server in which you can join here: https://discord.gg/fCeHqk3c9Z

While most people group romantic and sexual attraction together, asexual and aromantic people believe in a split-attraction model, making romantic attraction, and sexual attraction, two totally different, and unrelated orientations. While asexuality and aromanticism are unrelated to each other, this group aims to create a shared space for both.

What does "Asexual" mean? Asexuality is described as having little to no sexual attraction to any other gender. Asexuality is not a choice, and not a medical condition, as the same goes with other sexualites. Asexual people can still fall in love, get married, and even have kids. Asexual people can still be gay, lesbian, bi and hetero! One may label themselves as asexual and hetero-romantic, or asexual and homo-romantic for example. You can find out more information about asexuality and its spectrum on www.asexuality.org/

What does "Aromantic" mean? Aromanticism is described as having little to no romantic attraction to any other gender. Being aromantic is not a choice. What is romantic attraction? Romantic attraction can be described as the romantic feelings of having a "crush" on someone, or the desired feelings of wanting to be in a romantic relationship with someone. Aromantic people do not experience these feelings, or do so very rarely/ far and inbetween. Aromantic people can still love people, and form meaningful relationships in their lives. Aro's can still experience sexual attraction as well! One might identify themselves as aromantic and bisexual, or aromantic and heterosexual, or even aromantic and asexual. To find out more information about aromanticism and its spectrum, please go to https://www.aromanticism.org/

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