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Astoria Tech Meetup #32

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Thomas R. and Carlos
Astoria Tech Meetup #32


Dive deep into the future of the web with like-minded enthusiasts! Discover the latest in web frameworks, devops techniques, cutting-edge UX/UI workflows, and emerging programming languages. Stay ahead of the curve and find your inspiration.

Our meetup aims to spotlight a series of lightning presentations. Working on a hobby project? Found a new open-source gem? We want to hear about it! We're actively seeking submissions for these concise, impactful talks. If you're excited to share, reach out to us!

The core mission is to cultivate a community that's passionate about innovation, eager to share, and ready to embrace the next big tech breakthrough, ensuring we all stay a step ahead in this ever-evolving landscape.


This is a laid-back event made by the community for the community. We give everyone time to arrive, get a drink, and socialize, and typically start the presentations around 7:30-8pm.

We are looking for presenters! If you would like to contribute with a 3-5 min presentation on your favorite topic, new cool library, a project you've worked on etc., please fill out this form:

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Astoria Tech Meetup
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