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Astral projection, or astral travel, is an out-of-body experience (OBE for short) achieved either via lucid dreaming or deep meditation. It is distinct from lucid dreaming in a number of ways, the most significant being the ability to observe things in the physical world and verify them later. The concept of astral projection has been around and practiced for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China.

The benefits of astral travel and out-of-body exploration extend far beyond the limits of our physical senses and our intellect. After an out-of-body experience, many people report an inner awakening of their spiritual identity, a transformation of their self-concept, and a sudden loss of the fear of death. They see themselves as more than matter – more aware and alive.

Perhaps the most important benefit received from out-of-body experiences is the recognition of our personal ability to discover the answers for ourselves.

Join those of us who are in the process of acquiring and using the ability to leave the body and travel the astral planes, to experience what lies within them, and to communicate with those who reside there.

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