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Laura DesJardins: Medical Astrology
Speaker: Laura DesJardins Topic: Medical Astrology-- In this lecture Laura will combine Astrological knowledge along with timing and the use of Lunar Energy. Attendees can expect to gain much insight on the cause and effect of dis-ease in their chart and use this knowledge even for the best times to gain and or loose weight and when to cut our hair using lunar phases. This promises to be a fun lecture using a tool that can provide insight and guidance. About Laura DesJardins: Laura DesJardins is a nationally recognized lecturer and teacher, and has been a professional astrologer for the past 46 + years. Her specialty is the gift to forecast future trends and cycles. Laura is a nationwide, multi-media personality, having been interviewed by CBS Radio, The NBC's "Today Show" with has been featured in articles in "People Magazine," "Orange Coast Magazine," the "Orange County Register" as well as three feature articles in the "Los Angeles Times Business Section." Laura has held "Staff Astrologer", positions at various radio stations and national magazine publications, and was a lecturer consultant to the exclusive "Golden Door Resort & Spa." Laura has also lectured with the Norwegian Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise lines and the Celebrity Cruise Lines. In addition, she is the author of the "Astro-Medical Wheel," "Time Passages," and an astrological report writer called "Midpoint Keys" by Matrix Software. Laura was interviewed by the Learning and Discovery Channel on a show called "Prophecies The Millennium and Prophecies of Nostradamus, She presently is the director of Southern California Astrological Network, which she founded in 1986 and was the former director of the Michigan Astrological Association. Laura recently spoke at conferences in India, Serbia and Istanbul, Turkey.

Granite Reef Senior Center

1700 N. Granite Reef Road · Scottsdale, AZ

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    Meet local people interested in astrology (fans, students and professionals) and talk about it! What's in your stars? Our parent group, The Arizona Society of Astrologers, has members from all over the Valley of the Sun! However, you do not have to be a member of ASA to attend the lectures and seminars! Professional speakers are scheduled the third Saturday of every month from 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. Current programs are held at 1700 N Granite Reef Rd. in Scottsdale near the 101 and 202 in Room 8. Cost is $20 for members and $25 for guests. We currently are not set up to take credit cards. ASA was founded in 1973. We have over 100 members, of which 10% are actual professional astrologers in some capacity. 90% of us are on a life-long learning curve. Come and join these lectures with us! You can also purchase both new and used astrology books at the meetings. Again, no charge card system, cash only. Visit our website at for details, free charts and lots of good astrology!

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