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What we’re about

Are you curious about new ways of looking at how the planets influence us?  Would you like to develop a healthy relationship with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and the rest of the cosmic crowd?  I am an astrology explorer, and I am successful in asking planetary energies to deliver clear messages that can help us now.  I feel the energies that flow between us and the heavenly bodies.  Tuning in and receiving these gifts can smooth the way for moving towards more ease and expression.  Let’s create a supportive group that helps our members navigate and flow through life!  We welcome the spectrum of astrology experience, from the beginner to the pro.  Come join us!

How do the meetups unfold?   I have done everyone's birth chart prior to the meetup, and send them a copy.  I talk for about 30 minutes on the planetary aspects currently influencing us and then I combine my astrology wisdom with any messages Source wants to send through me.  Each person gets their own mini-reading!

There is a $20 fee for each meeting.  We currently are meeting via Zoom due to social distancing.  Meetup lists the events as free, so people do not have to give meetup their credit card info.  I contact you when you RSVP with options for paying. 

A little bit about me:  I am an astrologer, energy channel, intuitive, musician, dancer, and painter.  My goal is to be a lighthouse to illumine the good and possible in life.

I hope to connect with you and create magic!!


Susan McCullen, Intuitive Astrologer