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The Washington (DC) Area Astronomy Meetup connects people in the DMV area and internationally interested in astronomy and various other space activities by fostering informal gatherings at local star parties, public observatory nights, astronomy lectures, and other astronomy-space-related programs. No experience in astronomy is required, and you don't need to own a telescope to participate.

Nancy C. Wolfson is the new Head of the Washington (DC) Area Astronomy MeetUp Group. She wishes to increase the number of VIRTUAL SPACE EVENTS to enable specialists and the general public to participate and stay connected to space concepts even during the COVID-19 Pandemic. *We welcome your active participation and look forward to receiving your suggestions. Contact us if you wish to become an event co-organizer or wish to promote your space event with us.
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The FREE evening "star party" meetups posted here are hosted by local astronomy clubs and organizations that welcome public participation. These groups offer fun, safe ways to explore the night sky in the company of more experienced amateur and professional astronomers. We post selected events in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Central Maryland, allowing members to choose the Meetup that is most convenient or that best fits their stargazing preferences (metro-accessible urban observatory vs. semi-rural, dark sky "star parties", etc.). Currently, we do not host our own events, but we hope to do so soon. Most of us belong to the host groups, and you'll occasionally see us under the stars with our telescopes. We aim to help you rekindle your connection with the night sky while having fun and meeting others with similar interests. See you under the stars!


*About the Head of the Washington Area Astronomy MeetUp Group
Nancy C. Wolfson

Space Exploration, Sustainability, and Planetary Defense-NEOs
Communication, Education, and Research
The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics AST Committee
Professional BIO (IAF summary)
IAF Chair - Space Investment Committee
IAF Vice-Chair - Risk Management (Defense) Committee 
IAF Symposium Coordinator - E6 Space Business and Innovation
IAF Former Vice-Chair - Planetary Defense-Near Earth Objects Committee
Washington DC - United States
YOUTUBE Lectures: Please search "Nancy C. Wolfson" to watch the FREE lectures

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