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What we’re about

Are you a solo traveler Or simply At a Loose End? Let down at the last minute with an empty chair at dinner or left holding a spare theatre ticket?

You’re a foodie, who love ambiance and fine dining, fancy a trip to Nandos or a drink down the pub. This group is for solo social butterflies, diners or travellers who can be spontaneous and looking for a breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, shopping or an event social buddy. If like me you’ve an abundance of free time and often find yourself at a loose end. Would like to host or attend a last minute social instead of the usual advance planned group meet-up.

Always wanted to experience Ronnie Scotts, the Fat Duck, Scott’s, Claridges, The Ritz. Fancy a picnic, have a spare ticket to a gig, find it difficult to arrange socials in advance or don’t want to go it solo? Find a table or event last minute and be the host. Invite a like minded person or people to join you. Announce your last minute proposal to the group and be pleasantly surprised at how many others are at a loose end. Don’t forget to try and make things easier for your guest by specifying the chosen venue with a direct working link if possible. Let us know if there’s a dress code or jeans and tee shirt will do as well as an estimated price point in case your guest have difficulty getting online and give your mobile number. 

 Please note all payment collection is the responsibility of the host and It is advisable to request a deposit or payment upon RSVP to discourage no shows. All no shows will be removed from the group. 

Whilst the group grow in numbers, please be patient. I’m your host and here’s to spontaneity.

Please spread the word and get involved.

Senora Xxx

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