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What we’re about

Are you an independent songwriter looking to take your craft to the next level? Look no further than At Home Songwriting Workshops! Led by Chad Shank, a seasoned songwriter with over 30 years of experience and a track record of success in the industry, our virtual workshops provide you with the tools and ideas you need to write your best songs yet.

Our monthly meetings via Zoom are completely free and open to songwriters of all genres and levels. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you'll find valuable insights into the craft and structure of writing songs, as well as tips on how to be more creative and keep your skills sharp.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect with other at-home songwriters and learn online. Chad has studied and teaches Lyric Writing with Berklee College of Music Online, and has been giving workshops and educating songwriters online for years. With over 300 independently released songs and music placed on shows like HBO, Lifetime, Discovery, and MTV, Chad knows what it takes to succeed in the industry.

Join us at At Home Songwriting Workshops and start writing your next song today. And if you're looking for even more songwriting tips and advice, check out our YouTube channel and online courses at Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

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