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What we’re about

The Atlanta BitPlebs group is a place for free and open financial education in Atlanta focusing on using Bitcoin to achieve financial freedom and self sovereignty. Discussions will range from beginner to intermediate topics and are open to people of all knowledge levels. No technical expertise is assumed or required!

Typical questions that will be addressed by this group would include

  • How can regular working people achieve financial freedom?
  • How can I save money and build wealth if I don't understand investing?
  • What does it mean to be self sovereign with your finances?
  • Is inflation a big deal for people like me?
  • Is there a secret life hack that makes everything cheaper in the future? (hint: yes)
  • What is Bitcoin? Are the other cryptos better?
  • What does it mean for money to be decentralized and why should I care?
  • Who are the Plebs? Am I a pleb? (hint: 99% of us are!)

Atlanta BitPlebs is the nontechnical sister group to Atlanta BitDevs. We focus on interesting topics outside of programming and technology and are the best place for beginners to learn about the future of money and finance.

We have FREE meetups every other Wednesday.