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What we’re about

Nature Photography Classes is run by professional nature and landscape photographer, Nic Stover. The goal of Nic’s classes and in particular the Nature Photography Classes Meetup is to help amateur nature photographers, who are interested in deeper connections, create more impactful images, so they can confidently and consistently express themselves.

Together we will look to understand a little more about your photography, the creative process, and what the emotional meanings are behind the images we create. This group will be online for the immediate term and will include a mix of free presentations, specific cost-effective classes to focus on key topics, and destination focused explorations.

All skill levels welcome! We focus primarily on landscape and nature photography. Some of the topics and events include deeper dives into composition, understanding how lines and shapes drive us emotionally, the science and emotion of color, Black & White Photography, Evaluating and Working with Light, and a whole host of other classes / presentations.