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Deep learning is everywhere now. Every time you do a Google search, you are using a trained deep learning model. Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently asserted that if the last decade was about ‘mobile-first’, then the next decade will be about ‘AI-first’. Within the larger artificial intelligence and machine learning domains, ‘deep learning’ is where many of the most significant innovations are occurring - self-driving cars, self-organizing drone swarms, computer vision, conversational interfaces, gene editing, emotion recognition, etc.,

Deep learning will impact nearly every industry on the planet, and there will be countless opportunities to take advantage of this technology. While most people who are aware of deep learning think of it as the domain of data scientists and mathematicians, it takes skilled software engineers to implement deep learning models as practical software in real-world systems.

This meetup aims to make deep learning accessible to anyone who has an interest in it - data scientists, software engineers, tech-savvy entrepreneurs, students, etc., Everyone is welcome, so come join us!

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