Introduction to Reinforcement Learning + Deep Learning with Go

Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup
Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup
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Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC)

Tech Square | 75 5th Street NW, Suite 2000 · Atlanta, GA

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Community Room on the 2nd floor of the Centergy Building


Within the worlds of artificial intelligence and machine learning, deep learning is where a continual stream of the most exciting advancements are being made - it is amazing AI that works today.

The monthly Atlanta Deep Learning Meetup, in partnership with the Georgia Tech Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) ( and other sponsors, has become the THE place in Atlanta to plug into the community surrounding this leading-edge data science technology. We welcome all participants, from 'deep learning Ph.Ds' to business people who are AI novices, and it's free to attend.

This month:

1. Vishal Kumar presents 'Introduction to Reinforcement Learning and Markov Decision Process'

From beating the best players at games like Go to creating robots that perform complex manipulation tasks, reinforcement learning (RL) is revolutionizing the future of AI and its impact on the world. Given an environment, an RL agent's job is to learn the environment and perform actions that are most rewarding. In this talk, Vishal Kumar breaks down the basic premise under which an RL algorithm operates and how it can be applied to solve real world problems.

2. Chris Benson presents 'Deep Learning with Go'

Since we have not presented an introduction to deep learning since our inaugural meetup in March, Chris Benson will present this variation of an introduction presentation. If you're not interested in the Go programming language, then just ignore that aspect and you will still learn the high-level fundamentals of deep learning. This talk is ideal for the deep learning newbie.

Come join us Monday, August 14th at 6:30pm EDT at ATDC, in the Community Room on the 2nd floor of the Centergy Building. There is convenient parking in the adjacent Centergy Parking Deck (Google Maps).

Attendees will also be invited to join our exclusive private Slack community, which is where our deep learning conversations occur between monthly meetups.

Spend the evening expanding your AI horizons. We guarantee you will leave inspired.