What we're about

- End loneliness by providing a safe and fun place online for people to connect, use their imaginations and play.
- Spread the joy of improv and narrative games to people who haven't had the opportunity to explore who they are and relate to others through play,
- Help people connect and be present with each other, help people use and nuruture their imaginations, get in touch with their feelings, get in touch with their natural presence, develop empathy for others, hone listening skills, practice storytelling skills and foster the ability to be vulnerable with their friends, family and colleagues (this includes vulnerability in leadership roles).

How We Show Up:
- We show up light-hearted, present, and ready to receive unexpected gifts.

What We Do:
- We practice listening, we practice spontaneity and trusting our instincts, we celebrate mistakes with joy and move forward, we are kind to ourselves and to our teammates, we build on each other’s ideas, we tell stories, and we play joyfully.

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