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Docker - More development flexibility, increased testing consistency and better deployment options.

"an open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container" - from

In this workshop we'll explore Docker, a tool for creating and manipulating Linux containers.

We'll go over what Docker is, how it works, compare it to virtual machines and talk about how it can play with Puppet and Chef.

....then we'll do some hands-on activities

• Development environments - Using Docker to keep development environments in sync across team members

• Blue/Green deployment - Demonstrating how a blue-green deployment might work with Docker

Bring your laptop and check back here for pre-meetup prep instructions.

IMPORTANT! Workshop prep!

This will be half hands-on where I'll demonstrate how to do a blue/green deployment with Docker and also touch on how to share isolated development environments using Fig.

If you're going to participate in the hands on part then please install Docker before you arrive and pull the ubuntu image repository.

We'll order pizza and drinks kinda like usual. Talk will start at 7:00 but you can show up at 6:30 to eat and chat before.

Hope to see you there!