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Have you wondered why you act and react in relationships the way you do? Do you ever feel heavy with regret, shame or guilt because of these actions? This group will explore the idea of attachment theory (focused on Anxious Preoccupied, Fearful Avoidant, Dismissive Avoidant and Secure) and how it relates to who we are and what we can do about it. I, the facilitator, am not an expert on the subject matter but have been part of the *Personal Development School* for six months. Even though I am a spiritual person I found it could not solve my negative relationship patterns. Attachment Theory addresses the core wounds we carry over from our childhood and I thinks it’s rather fascinating to see how our subconscious plays a huge part in how we make up stories in our mind and ways we can address it through deep personal growth work. I am starting the group because I want to meet others who are intrigued with the theory, want to positively change their personal and romantic relationships, and overall share a desire in personal growth. If this is you and especially if you know about the attachment theory concept then you are in the right spot!

This group will have discussion topics that will range from, Discussing each style, Reprograming the subconscious mind, Why we sabotage our close relationships, Identifying the reasons and what can be done to make positive changes, How do the different styles interact with each other or is it even possible?, etc..

*The Personal Development School is an online school started by Thais Gibson. I ran across her on YouTube after a friend had recommended looking into her videos. There are many professionals out there that speak to attachment theory and found that she spoke to it in a way I best learn but also she addresses how we can work to overcome and reprogram the subconscious. My education around attachment theory comes from Thais Gibson and her school. Feel free to check out her free videos on YouTube if you would like but any and all POV’s around attachment theory are welcome.

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