• Too Good to Double

    The Good Home Birkenhead

    When is it too good to double?

    • If you can't lose play on. As long as you can always win by doubling later, play on.
    • Be careful if your Game is strong but you could lose it with a bad roll. Losing chances in the 20% range generally means it is right to throw the cube and cash in the Game.
    • If you own the cube and you're playing for the gammon stay away from risky checker play.

  • Out, out damned Blot!

    Galbraith's Alehouse

    Leaving blots, getting hit, dancing on the bar, can't find your way home?

    Head down to Galbraith's and learn a key BG secret....If you are already substantially behind in the race, it may actually help your chances to fall further behind.

  • A Doubler & his money are soon parted

    The Good Home Birkenhead

    In all gambling games there is a loser's syndrome which keeps people to keep on when behind & go further into the hole. The Doubling Cube in Backgammon makes this syndrome far more dangerous.

    Head down to The Good Home & learn how to curb your Cube.

  • Double, double, toil & trouble

    Galbraith's Alehouse

    Every roll is a new cube decision. Never forget!!! The biggest error you can make is to fail to double at the appropriate time. Hustle down to Galbraith's and improve your cube play.