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[MTB] Sunday Woodhill or Riverhead Bi-Weekly Ride

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Come and join us for a bi weekly MTB ride at either Woodhill or Riverhead on Sundays. We will choose which location a few days before depending on the weather. Be sure to check back for updates and comments related to the final location choice.

In the unlikely event that none of the hosts can make it then a ride may be cancelled up to a few days before.

This is a blend of Intermediate and Advanced riding and I envisage we will start with intermediate and likely split up into 2 smaller groups later in the morning to allow those who want to continue to focus on an intermediate level to do so while a few in the group seek out a couple more challenging trails to end the day. You can choose which level you wish to do.

Mix of grade 3 & 4 through out the day but as mentioned above you can elect to do only 3's and the odd easy 4 if you aren't in the advanced camp

We won’t be treating these as uphill races, the ride is more focused on the ride downhill so your uphill climbing speed is not critical though you must be fit enough to climb judgement call at least 2 times.

ACG operates a no drop policy which means we regroup at trail heads and trail ends to ensure everyone is safe and accounted for.

We will be out there for a few hours but it will be at a comfortable pace and will regroup for each other at junctions and top of hills.



Arrive and meet up at the BBQ tables in front of the main Woodhill MTB Park shop by or prior to 8.45am so everyone can have time to purchase park passes and get their equipment ready to ride by 9:00am.

Arriving early means you won't be left behind - you can always grab a coffee and socialise with the other riders while we wait for the 9:00am start time.
Casual pass $15 or you can buy 6 or 10 month passes.

Auckland Cycling Group - (MTB, Road & Urban Rides)
Auckland Cycling Group - (MTB, Road & Urban Rides)
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Restall Road, Woodhill · Auckland